How Do You Choose the Ideal Roof Underlayment?


Protect Your Roof

Roofing underlayment is the material installed between shingles and the decking. It gives your roof added protection against the elements. This component also prevents heat and moisture from building up and speeding up the deterioration of shingles. 

Use these tips to help you decide which one is the ideal underlayment for your roof. 

Know Your Options

Two of the most popular roofing underlayment options are felt paper and synthetic plastic sheets. Felt is made from fiberglass or cellulose dipped in an asphalt mixture. It usually comes with an adhesive layer on one side for easier installation. 

Synthetic plastic sheets are made from polypropylene and a mixture of polymers. They often withstand moisture better than felt and don’t weigh as much. Since they are lightweight, professionals can install them faster than felt. This option is ideal for warm climates since it provides ultraviolet (UV) damage protection.  

Consider What Roofing Material You Have

The material covering your roof is a significant factor to consider when choosing your underlayment. For instance, felt is ideal for traditional asphalt shingles. Fifteen-pound roofing felt should give sufficient protection while allowing good airflow. Do you own a metal roofing system? If so, synthetic plastic sheets are the more reasonable choice. It’s because metal roofs absorb heat more quickly than other materials. 

Choose an Option Best for Your Climate

Another essential factor to consider is your location. Synthetic underlayment’s work best in warmer climates. However, high-quality felt is great for areas prone to storms and harsh weather. If you’re still unsure which to choose, you can always consult an experienced local roofer. 

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