What Causes Sagging Roofs?

roof sagging

Bowing Roofs

Characterized by a noticeable bow on the roofline, sagging is a common problem in older roofing systems. Like any other form of damage, it is something you shouldn’t ignore. It’s alo helpful to know the typical causes of this problem.

Water Damage

Sloped roofs promote rainwater runoff toward the gutters and downspouts during inclement weather. Over time, however, water can seep through imperfections on the roof surface, causing water damage. The presence of moisture increases the likelihood of mold growth and wood rot. These can wreak havoc on your roof’s structural integrity, causing it to sag.

Excess Weight on Roof

Residential and commercial roofing systems are designed to withstand both live and dead loads to ensure structural safety and prevent the potential of collapse. Live loads pertain to foot traffic, snow and other temporary objects on the roof while dead loads refer to the weight of the entire structure, including the rafters, decking and roofing material. Aging and long-term deterioration can lead to a slight dip in the roofline, requiring an immediate inspection and repair.

Improper Construction

The roof’s structural components, particularly the joints and the rafters, must be constructed correctly to make sure its entire weight pushes down on the ridgeline before being distributed down through the other parts of your home. If not built properly, the whole structure could sag and become unstable.

The good news is that a sagging roof can be fixed without having to entirely replace the roof. Unless it is beyond its expected lifespan, the structure can be bolstered so that it can support its weight. If it is newly constructed and still within warranty, the roofers who installed it may conduct repairs, especially if there’s an installation error.

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