What Kind of Hail Causes Roof Damage?

hail on roof

Beware of Hailstorms

You should be especially wary of hailstorms because they can fast-track the deterioration of your roofing system. What happens is that hailstones can damage your roof upon impact, leaving it with openings that make it easy for water to infiltrate the system. But hailstones come in varying sizes, so which type should be the most concerning? 

Every Hailstone Can Be Damaging

There’s no getting around it – hailstones of any size can cause damage depending on the roof’s overall condition and the speed at which the hailstone makes contact with it. Here’s a quick overview of the extent of damage your roof may sustain from different-sized hailstones:

  • Dime-sized: Hailstones of this size are not usually harmful, but they can still cause some amount of wear and tear on aging or already-damaged asphalt shingles. 
  • Quarter-sized: When hailstones of this size crash against your roof, they can wear away the material and speed up its erosion. Even an asphalt shingle roof in relatively good condition won’t be exempt to the damage these create, especially if they fall at higher velocities. 
  • Half dollar-sized: Hailstones that get to this size can pose significant risk to your roofing system. They are large enough to damage newer shingles and break slate and tile roofing. Half dollar-sized hailstones can even dent metal roofing – an option known for being impervious to impact damage. When large hailstones have pelted your roof, make sure to schedule a prompt inspection and storm damage repair from your premier local roofer, Mpact Roofing.

Why Invest in Our Storm Damage Repairs?

For starters, these help prevent further damage to your roofing system. When hailstones crash against your roof, they leave cracks and dents where water can seep inside. Overlooking hail damage results in major leaks, which encourages mold growth and rot. These, in turn, can weaken the roof structure. Not only that: hail can also knock off the protective granules of your shingle roofing, making the system less weather-resistant. You can avoid all these by going for prompt storm damage repairs from Mpact Roofing.

Aside from exterior renovation, Mpact Roofing can also handle your hail roof damage repair in Pflugerville, TX. With our top-tier solutions and professional team, we’ll restore your roof to rights and prolong its service life. We proudly serve the areas in and around Pflugerville and Sulphur Springs, TX. Call us today at 512-535-2053 to schedule your roof evaluation. We’d love to hear from you!