Synthetic Shingle Repair & Installation

Synthetic Shingle Installation

Discover the Benefits of Synthetic Shingles!

Mpact Roofing is the leading synthetic shingle installation service provider in the Pflugerville, TX area. We offer great deals on synthetic shingles to enhance your home’s exterior and provide all of the performance you expect from high-quality roofing done right. One of the major benefits of synthetic shingles is that they look fantastic while costing a fraction of natural stone. You get all of the curb appeal without the heavy price tag. Our technicians are happy to work with you on a custom design for synthetic shingles, whether you’re building a new home or replacing an old roof. Talk to us about various roofing options, and choose the roof of your dreams!

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Exploring Synthetic Shingle Installation

There are plenty of reasons to love synthetic shingles. They are elegant, deliver long-term performance, and increase the value of your home. One of the main drawbacks to slate and other natural stone roofing is that it costs a lot of money, so synthetic provides a good alternative at a fraction of the cost.

Now, you can get beautiful synthetic slate and other shingles that look amazing and cost much less. At Mpact Roofing, we carry the best synthetic roofing materials in Pflugerville, TX, sourced from a network of suppliers to bring you quality prices and fast installation.

Done correctly, a synthetic shingle installation can make your roof last decades. We handle everything from start to finish to leave you with a lovely new roof that is built to last. Talk to us to get a free estimate on any new synthetic roof. We can discuss general options over the phone, or we’ll send a technician to your house to look at your roof and cover things in person.

Synthetic Shingle Roof Repairs

In addition to custom installations, we offer a full range of repair services to keep your roof in top shape. We’re the local team homeowners call when they’re having a roof emergency or need to schedule regular maintenance. Our team will help you get more years out of your roof and keep it looking great all year. Eliminate the stress of roofing maintenance with support from our team of expert roofers.

Our team is committed to excellence, and we’re here to help make your house look great with a roof that performs. We work with all house sizes, and we’re local, so we can get to you fast with repairs that do the trick!

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