Rafters vs. Trusses: A Quick Guide


Rafters vs. Trusses

A well-designed roof must be built on a strong supporting structure so it can withstand weather conditions, such as rain, snow and hail. Today, we compare rafters and trusses – two construction methods in roofing – and talk about the pros and cons of each one.

What Are Roof Rafters?

Rafters are basic structural components that are critical for roof construction. These components stretch from the hip or ridge to the external wall, providing a solid foundation for the installation of roof shingles or tiles. Roofers install rafters side-by-side and use materials, such as timber or steel.

While rafters take a good amount of time to be cut, built and assembled on-site, they are usually available at a cheaper price than trusses. However, installing rafters also requires the expertise of professionals. One particular advantage of using rafters is that the frame of the roof can be modified without compromising the structure. A rafter construction is better suited for smaller homes. 

What Are Roof Trusses?

Trusses are a popular alternative to rafters. According to roof replacement specialists, its construction takes the shape of A-frames that are installed as one piece and may be flat to provide adequate space in the attic. Like rafters, trusses are commonly made of steel or wood.

Installing trusses requires exact specifications since these structures are pre-assembled and constructed at a factory. Since trusses are prefabricated, they are usually more expensive than rafters, although the labor involved to build and install rafters is comparatively higher. If you want to alter a truss roof, a qualified engineer’s consultation would normally be needed. Truss construction is more appropriate for bigger structures.

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